Watertreatment and Specialized Facilities for Dialysis Centres.

Phoenix One+ FH

Resource-saving hot water sanitization in the dialysis with a flow heater


Phoenix Move

Phoenix Move - the first system which keeps the ground free behind the dialysis machines.


Phoenix Dialysis System Wall

Ready to use - complete wall elements with individual design to abercommodate the dialysis-specific technology.


Nipro Europe is proud to announce the acquisition of Phoenix Pure Water GmbH.

The acquisition of Phoenix is part of Nipro’s strategy to complete its portfolio of products for dialysis treatments. Nipro Europe already had a distribution agreement for its territory in place with Phoenix Pure Water.

This acquisition now enables Nipro to invest directly in, and accelerate the development of innovative water treatment solutions for dialysis centers.

It also allows the Phoenix Pure Water organization to access the Nipro global distribution organization and through this, grow its global sales revenue.