Your dialysis center - as individual as you!

As the first company, we specialized years ago to develop more consistent individual furnishing concepts for dialysis facilities and to implement these.

These concepts take into account from the initial planning to the technical needs and bring them to the creative desires of the operator.

Phoenix Media Supply Systems - Symbiosis of technic and design


Design follows function - the smooth functioning of the technical facility of dialysis centers is important and subject to a continuous development. We offer the following:


Our target is to integrate the necessary technology into a homelike and little as possible medical setting to create a"comfortable atmosphere" for patients. 

In addition to our standard systems Phoenix MOVE and Phoenix BASIC we also like to develop an individual media supply for your dialysis facility, designed to your own conception. Thus it's possible to find an adaptation to difficult situations or special room interior design concepts.

Be inspired by our References - We also realize your ideas!

Phoenix MOVE - The new dimension of dialysis media supply

The Phoenix MOVE breaks with old habits and revolutionized the dialysis media supply.

The flexible and cost-effective BASIC model for dialysis media supply

Variations and equipment

    • Single or double media supply system
    • Media panell or media column
    • Up to 3 concentrates directly coupled
    • Non-wearing concentrate selector without engage for up to four acidic concentrates
    • Drain flow in a center dialysis panell or alternatively as a central drain system
    • Innovative, waterproof materials
    • Robust and resistant to disinfectants surface
    • Open bottom for easy leak detection (including plinth or media column)
    • Standard power supply, flexible for re-fitting or conversions

For more information please visit the download page


Media supply panel Phoenix INTENSIV - the smart solution

Versions and Configurations

      • Wall-mounted or flush-mounted
      • 1 Tap water connection for single RO's
      • Up to 2 drain connections for dialysis machines and single RO's
      • Free outlet integrated for a safe hygiene

For more information please visit the download page


Individual choice of concentrate - alternative to uncoupling

On request, we integrate into our media supply system a selector switch for easy concentrate selection without uncoupling concentrate. 

The advantages is the avoidance of frequent uncoupling and the resulting reduction of wear on the couplings and nipples. The most common cause of leaks in the concentrate system is thus eliminated. 

Concentrate Selectorl Phoenix MOVE

Concentrate Selector Phoenix BASIC

Phoenix central drain system for dialysis - the hygienic solution

Facts and advantages:

      • Temperature stability up to 90°C
      • Avoidance of congestion of the drain system
      • No regular addition of cleaning products nessecary
      • No noise pollution or odour pollution
      • Easy testing if the dialysis machines are free of desinfectant for several places at once
      • Easy cleaning by good access
      • Long-term proper hygienic appearance of dialysis places
      • No possibility of cross-contamination of permeate connections by aerosols from the nearby free outlet (claim of "guideline for applied hygiene in dialysis facilities")
      • Combineable with all Phoenix media-supply systems

Dialysis System Wall - The plug and play solution for your dialysis center

Pre-assembled wall panels with individual design be placed on the ground connected to each other. The wall panels must only be connected to the building services and the dialysis can start - plug and play. As a room divider or wall with windows, according to your needs. The media supply system that grows or moves - possible by the Phoenix Dialysis System Wall. 

Phoenix Dialysis System Wall

With integrated Phoenix MOVE

Phoenix Dialysis System Wall

Custom design

Phoenix Dialysis System Wall

In vertical optic

Phoenix Dialysis System Wall

With integrated light

Phoenix Dialysis System Wall

Floor unobstructed system


  • Quick installation
  • Time and also costs saving because, no need for painters, electricians or plumbing services
  • One contact person
  • A thorough and flexible design
  • Higher flexibility in expanding or moving

Patent protection for Phoenix Dialysis System Wall The dialysis system wall was registered as a utility model at the German Patent and Trademark Office. 

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Phoenix Dialyse Design Concepts

Through our network of partners, we offer you an advantage in personal service. 

Your advantage is that all partners are specialists in their field and to the quality of your work to the same high standards as we do. We combine these skills as your direct contact.

For specific projects we can achieve through collaboration with architects, planners, interior designers and the various construction trades, a flexible and cost effective service delivery for you - of course, always with Phoenix Pure Water Quality Certification.

We promise, as your partner, that we combine all services into a package and wrap the whole thing stress free for you. 

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts

Dialyse Design Concepts