Our offer for water treatment in dialysis:


Based on a detailed analysis we project the raw water pretreatment individually. Depending on the desired permeate quality various quality-improvement systems can be installed prior the reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis

Requirements for water treatment in dialysis centers:

  1. Long-term high permeate quality
  2. Designed for continuous operation in dialysis and a maximum operating safety
  3. Economic consumption of energy and water

Piping systems

The material in the permeate line systems have an enormous influence on the microbiological and chemical quality of the dialysis.

In view of the worsening quality standards in dialysis only approved and under long-term tested medical materials should be installed.

Phoenix One reverse omosis

Phoenix One fulfills all the requirements for modern water treatment systems in medical application. It was planned for future standards and developments in dialysis.

Phoenix One

Clearly structured for highest efficiency

Phoenix One DS

Double-stage reverse osmosis system to produce premeate from bad quallity potable water.

Reduntant pump system

Redundant pressure increasing pumps increases operational safety and enable the continued operation of the unit if a pump breaks down.

Low energy reverse osmosis moduls

Through the use of low pressure polyamide membranes energy savings of more tha 25% can be achieved.

The innovative side-port connections enable direct connection of the module pipes with each other. That is saving piping and thus is saving costs.

Piping with polyvinyliden fluoride (PVDF) und polypropylene natur (PP-N), welded bead and crevice free

Because of their extremely smooth inner surfaces (roughness RA<0,5 ,µm - RA>0,8 µm) and the water repelling lotus effect, the information of bio-films is made more difficult. The pollution iof the permeate is prevented. As they are completely corrosion-free and since additives and softeners are not used, a longer service life with consistently exceptional quality throughout that period can be ensured.

Fully automated hot water sanitization system

Fully automated hot water sanitization of the ring line and the dialysis tube. For the hot water sanitization the sterile aeriated tank will only be filled and heated with the actually needed permeate. 

There is no extra heating necessary at the connected PVDF-ring line.

Microcomputer control

Reliably control, operating and monitoring in one compact unit

An individual unit was built because of the modular expandability for many plug-in cards and subprints which fulfils all desired requirements. By passing on unnecessary functions the configuration is more cost-efficient.

Central monitoring module PhoenixTouchControl

Service and maintenance of the machines and the units and the local controlling are expensive and time-consuming. The diagnostic and the service via data line are much more cost-efficient as the convential on-site service or the technicians. 

By using the Internet, Phoenix Service and authorised personnel can gain access at any time and from any location. 

A regular remote access of all system parameters within Maintenance and monitoring contract assure the reliable operation of the units.

Use of standard construction components

For all of our products we give special consideration to the consistent use of standard construction components. This ensures a quick and cost effective replacement delivery in the case of a malfunction.

Clear labeling

Easy operation and maintenance by clear labeling of all important construction components.

Guarantees long-term protection against corrosion. Corrosion happens from time to time especially in operating concentrate-mixed systems made of stainless steel.

Reverse Osmosis Phoenix One SILENT

Maximum noise reduction by water cooled pumps. Saving noise protections measures e. g. in technical benches and store rooms.

Reverse osmosis Phoenix One BIG

For permeate performance more than 2000 l/h

Operation via a touch screen panel

The operator is provided only the information that is truly necessary by way of a touch screen panel. Daily routine functions are simplified; information is displayed readily understandable in clear text.
The interfaces to the water treatment systems are substantially simplified, whether for nursing staff and doctors or dialysis technicians.

Phoenix One+ Reverse Osmosis with integrated hot water sanitization

Phoenix One+ fulfills all specifications of modern water treatment systems in medical appitlications and is designed for future standarts and developments in dialysis.

Phoenix One+ FH

to make hot water sanitization using a energy saving instantaneous water heater

In conjunction with Phoenix Multi-Loop an efficient and energy saving hot water sanitization of the permeate system is possible.

Phoenix One+

With tank system for integrated hot water sanitization.

Proactive Monitoring Service


All relevant system parameters of the water treatment can be readout regularly and recorded in a internal monitoring system. The operation of the system is optimized thereby permanently. This ensures the stable operation of the systems and the energy- and water consumption get reduced to a minimum.

Any kind of malfunctions can be detected early and all necessary steps can be taken in time.. 

Annually within our maintenance and monitoring contracts we can create a quality report with a clear representation of all relevant system parameters. 

Remote Access

By connecting the Phoenix water treatment systems to the internet it is possible for authorized persons to access the systems at any time. Quickly, cheaply, anywhere.

Error analysis, parameter settings, program changes or complete software updates are quickly and without expensive service calls possible by remote access. 

The remote access service by the Phoenix avoids about 80% of all on-site service calls and saves significant operating costs! 

Fault report

System or softener alerts are forwarded directly by SMS or email to the customer service. 

Access to the water treatment systems via the internet is possible from any internet enabled computer with authorization. System or softener alerts are forwarded directly by SMS or email to the customer service.

Download of the error messages with time and date can be saved and sent as an Excel file.

Clear display of current operating values on any office computer.

Phoenix One+

Download of quality records. All important operating parameters are stored in a programmable interval and can be saved as an Excel table. 

In hot water sanitization it is possible to store the temperature, duration and date of the hot cleaning as a quality control.

Phoenix One+

Example diagram for the automatic recording of the conductivity.

Example diagram for the automatic recording of the reverse osmosis yield.

Example diagram for the automatic recording of the concentrate drain flow.